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On this site you'll find a title, text links, clickable photos, an unordered list, named anchors in the text, a table and unlike the other sites a variable size.


Motorcycling - what's it about?

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Welcome to my site on motorcycles.

On my site I'll be exploring a few aspects of motorcycling such as - what things to consider when buying a motorcycle; what types of motorcycles exist; and a look at one specific motorcycle in greater detail ... the Honda Goldwing.

Note - Since this site serves a dual purpose ... to inform about motorcycles AND as a class assignment, you may click here to jump immediately to the design layout explanation.

Relax - motorcycles are fun. Many many people ride motorcycles as their main form of recreation. The age and sex of riders varies greatly. The demographic predominance of the stereo typical 'young male' rider is a thing of the past. As motorcycles become more expensive, along with most everything else a new demographic has arisen ... the yuppie rider. This rider is typically somewhere between 30 and 65 years old, is either male or female, has been working for many years, and can afford a class of bikes known as a 'cruiser'. This is the classic Harley-Davidson rider, and cruiser sales are now the largest market segment for new bike sales. Note - new bike sales of yesteryear were almost exclusively to males. Not so today.

We here in Colorado are particularly lucky in that we have some of the nicest roads and scenery for riding that can be found anywhere. Many riders fly here from all over the U.S. to rent a bike and partake of our roads. Another nice perk for us is that we are within riding distance to Sturgis, SD, sight of what is likely the world's largest gathering of riders ... for the annual Sturgis Ralley, which often draws as many as 750,000 attendees. So enjoy - and as we motorcycle enthusiast say ... "Keep the shiny side up".


Layout decisions

Because time is short I decided to start my site with a pre-made template available in DreamWeaver CS4. I choose the the particular template in use because it expands and I wasn't sure initially how large or small my site would be due to time constraints. It also met the requirements of a header, footer, main content area and a side navigation bar. I chose Verdana as my main typeface because of its general availability amongst many users. I chose a fairly dark background and white text to maintain a healthy contrast between text color and background color/shade.  I've dropped and adjusted photo size and resolution to keep 'download' times for each page reasonable for users with limited bandwidth. I also like to keep the number of colors on a given page to a minimum and use various shades of the same color when possible. Its a case of 'less is more', specifically less distraction from the real job at hand ... being informative about motorcycles. Of course I've tried to maintain consistency from page to page as a matter of good design. To do so I designed my index page first, including the layout, colors, text choices, etc, then copied that page to serve as a template for the others.

As for adherence to Jakob Nielsen's usability ideas, specifically "Match between system and the real world" which states "The system should speak the users' language, with words, phrases and concepts familiar to the user, rather than system-oriented terms. Follow real-world conventions, making information appear in a natural and logical order". I've tried hard to keep what little the user has to control (i.e. his navigation cues) in plain sight, straight forward, well separated/demarcated and most importantly free of jargon. Also within the main content itself I approach the subject without terms that might be unfamiliar to a novice, often likening motorcycling to a more familiar means of transport ... a car.


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