NeatCheeks make meal time clean up easy and
 Face Wipe Avoidance a thing of the past.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What makes NeatCheeks different from other wipes?


A:  NeatCheeks are the very first wipes designed to have a pleasant taste! We are so unique that we have a pending patent on our products!  You will notice that our wipes are not scented, like others, but rather, are the first wipes to have a light and natural sweet taste.  They are also very gentle and moisturizing to the skin and we use natural ingredients. 


We have also developed the product and packaging to be as environmentally conscious as possible.  You will notice that our packaging is smaller in an effort to eliminate packaging waste and to minimize the amount of plastic discarded.  The size of our wipes are incredibly functional and effective without being wasteful as well. 


NeatCheeks are the new generation of children’s face wipes that thoughtfully help Moms solve the “Face Wipe Avoidance” problem and truly keep kids smiling, especially during meal-time clean up!


Q: What is Face Wipe Avoidance?


A:  We coined the term “Face Wipe Avoidance” to describe our kids’ swift reaction and subsequent rejection of face wipes.  This term describes behavior such as: anxiety, wiggling away, squirming, screaming, head turning, and generally avoiding their face from being wiped at all costs.  We quickly realized that this was not just an issue for our kids’ but also for many Moms during meal-time clean up and throughout the day and the term “Face Wipe Avoidance” caught on!


Q:  Why are your wipes FLAVORED rather than SCENTED?


A:  Well, our goal was to make the face wiping process as pleasant for Mom and Baby as possible.  We weren’t sure why our kids avoided their face being wiped at all costs:  was it the taste or did these wipes irritate their skin? We wanted to eliminate both potential factors.


Alternative wipes leave a foul tasting residue which may irritate your child’s sensitive skin.  We designed NeatCheeks wipes to be incredibly gentle and non-irritating to the skin.  When your child tastes the sweet flavor of the wipe or the residue on their lips, they happily sit still and let you wipe their face clean.  And the gentle, natural ingredients are non-irritating to your child’s cheeks.


(Julia) “Having two kids under the age of 2, both having eczema, it was very important to me to develop a product that was gentle to my kids’ skin, especially on their super sensitive cheeks.  Multiple facial cleanings a day were causing severe irritation and now that I use NeatCheeks daily, I have seen a marked difference.  NeatCheeks do not irritate their skin—not to mention they love to lick their lips while I wipe their face because of the sweet flavor.”


Q:  What is the flavor of NeatCheeks?


A:  The flavor we offer today is our Simply Sweet flavor. It tastes sweet! Kids call this flavor nummy, nummy! We named it Simply Sweet because this is the simplest, most pure form of our formulation. We have other flavors coming soon. Stay tuned for the upcoming flavor options.


Q:  Is there a special way to use these wipes?


A:  To achieve the best result, you should allow your child to briefly taste the natural flavor on the wipe. Once you touch the wipe to their tongue or wipe NeatCheeks across their lips, Moms have found that their kids instantly notice and enjoy the sweet flavor.  The child consequentially, will allow Mom wipe their face clean without hassle.


Q:  Do you offer any other products?


A:  Yes! We found that some Moms enjoy using reusable cloths or washcloths at home or on the go but still wanted their kids to enjoy the flavor and moisturizing qualities of our wipes. So, we developed NeatCheeks in a spray applicator. We are always looking for a way to be environmentally conscious, while fulfilling the needs of Moms. The NeatCheeks Spray delivers all of the goodness of our formula to any substrate you choose and is compact to keep in your purse, diaper bag, car or stroller.


Q: Are NeatCheeks safe?


A:  Yes!  As Moms first, safety and quality of ingredients AND quality control of manufacturing were all important factors as we developed NeatCheeks products.  We are proud to manufacture in the USA, where we can be certain the highest levels of quality control are being utilized.  Also, we were very thoughtful to use the highest quality yet minimal combination of ingredients.  It was also important to us to source the purest and highest quality Stevia extract for our products.  We source our Stevia from a US company that has very high quality and purity standards. 


Q: What's in NeatCheeks?


A: We want you to know exactly what you are putting on your child’s skin so please click here to check out our ingredients and what they are used for! 



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