NeatCheeks make meal time clean up easy and
 Face Wipe Avoidance a thing of the past.



Messy kid, hands covered with paint

What are NeatCheeks?

NeatCheeks are the very first naturally flavored face wipes made especially for toddlers and kids. They are lick-ably sweet, plush and moisturizing.  With NeatCheeks, meal time clean up is now just as fun as it was making the mess!  NeatCheeks Naturally Flavored Face Wipes are preferred by Moms and kids because they are gentle, effective and best of all, are the only wipes with a sweet, pleasant taste. They put a smile on your toddlers face with every wipe.



Why NeatCheeks?


Being Moms of 5 kids, collectively, we often experienced difficulty with meal time clean up. Our daily routine was dependent on the happiness of our kids, and like many parents, any small breakdown could cause a bottleneck in our day. Not to mention, as loving moms, we wanted to see our kids happy instead of anxious and agitated when cleaning up throughout the day!

Our kids had Face Wipe Avoidance and were determined to wiggle away from any form of wipe approaching their face. We weren’t sure if it was the taste, texture or irritating residue of the wipes we were using that was causing the chaos and discomfort, so we designed NeatCheeks to improve face wipes in each of those categories.

We have developed a process so unique that we have a pending patent on our NeatCheeks products. NeatCheeks taste pleasant, so the naturally sweet flavor imparted on your child’s lips entices them to sit still and enjoy the wiping process. The plush texture of the wipe is gentle as it is wiped across their tender cheeks.

Most importantly, NeatCheeks have been rigorously tested and have been deemed non-irritating to the skin and the ingredients used are natural, moisturizing and soothing to the skin.

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